About Milly Marks

Measurements 44-28-36
Bra Size 36-H
Height 5'
Weight 140 lbs.
Birthday October 23rd

The SCORE Group found Milly Marks in Texas when she contacted an editor about becoming a model. Our studio immediately booked Milly after seeing her pictures.

At the time, Milly was 20 years old, wore a 36H-cup bra, and was a college student and occasional exotic dancer. "I live in a house full of strippers so we are always having fun. In my free time, I like to hang out with my roommates," Milly said. "I started to develop in elementary school, long before the majority of the girls my age did. I was definitely known as the girl with the biggest titties in school. I've always had funny nicknames because of them."

Milly was an immediate hit. She looked like a young Elizabeth Taylor with big natural breasts.The requests to see more of her poured in. The magazine readers and website members developed a serious Milly addiction.

"I do think that I have nice cleavage. It makes me feel sexy and womanly. I wear a lot of crop tops that are tight on my chest and accentuate them even more. Although it doesn't matter what I wear because people stare even if I'm wearing a giant sweater. I'm pretty used to the stares so I barely notice. It's usually my friends that are in shock because I don't notice people blatantly staring at me and my big tits."

A very horny girl, Milly made the leap to hardcore during that first visit to Miami.

"My first hardcore scene was an incredible experience to say the least. I was very much into it! Honestly, I didn't think it would be as fun and enjoyable as it ended up being but I loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat. The sex was amazing and the fact that it was being recorded made it that much more erotic for me. I did fantasize about doing porn but never did I think it was an actual possibility. I would consider myself a hyper-sexual person so I love it and am so glad I've had the opportunity to be a part of this industry. "

When an editor asked Milly what she wanted to say to her many fans, she could read their minds.

"You're going to love my titties and you're going to jerk off to them and cum a lot! And I hope you write letters and make comments and let me know how much you loved them and what you did when you were looking at them. And maybe I'll lay in bed reading the comments and masturbate while I'm reading them, so it can be like we're doing it together!"