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In the bathroom, Milly checks out her amazing breasts, a tape measure in her hands. She pops her heavy peaks out of her dress and gives the twins a jiggle. The camera moves in close and the view is tremendous. Milly has world-class tits capped by 4" areolae. The brunette beauty bounces her breasts, then grabs fistfuls of tit-meat and squeezes. They overflow her hands, naturally, as she lifts and kneads and swings them from side to side. "Now, I'm going to take my dress off so I can get all oily for you," Milly says in her very sexy voice, pulling her dress over her head and unhooking her bra. She moves into the shower and unloads a bottle of baby oil all over her body then leans forward to continue to squeeze her boobs and clap them together. Milly needs more oil and squirts another load over her tits. Breathing heavily, her hands move south to her pussy, and she rubs hard and fast. Getting on her back, Milly fingers her pussy. After she cums hard from her finger-bang, she says, "I hope you liked my oil show." Yes, we did, and we need to see more, Milly.
In this scene, Milly is a schoolgirl wearing the kind of outfit girls only wear in Porn High School. She goes to her teacher for help, tits pouring out of her halter top, bottom-cleavage extraordinaire. "I'm having some trouble," she says to him. "Can you help me?" He says he's not giving extra help right now because he's on his lunch break. He takes out a banana. Then he feeds it to her. Looks like he is ready to give her extra help after all. He's ready to help Milly out of her uniform and help himself to her big, natural tits. This is the kind of thing that I knew was going on in my high school but couldn't prove. SCORELAND: What do you think about porn cock? Milly: It's scary, but it's hot so it's cool and it feels good. SCORELAND: Do you watch your scenes? Milly: I've gone on SCORELAND and watched other people's scenes, but I don't think I want to watch mine. I think it's very different. It's like when you hear yourself on a voicemail...when you hear a recording, you don't want to hear it because you think, "Do I sound like that?" I'd be thinking, "Do I look like that?" I don't want to see it. When I'm in a strip club, I'm not in front of a mirror when I'm dancing, so it's different. But if I was dating someone, it would be cool to say, "This is the link if you want to watch me." It would probably get them off. SCORELAND: Do you like your tits? Milly: I love them. They're so nice and soft. SCORELAND: What positions have you had sex in? Milly: I'd say all the basic ones. Missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse, regular riding. Side-to-side, like spooning. Before I got into modeling, I hadn't done anything crazy sex-position wise. Usually it's the situation I'm in that's crazy. SCORELAND: What do you mean? Milly: Public sex. Having sex in parking lots during broad daylight. Stuff like that. I'm into that. SCORELAND: The wildest place you've ever had sex where people might have caught you was... Milly: A very popular restaurant where everyone are always lined up out the door in broad daylight. A lot of people walked by and saw me. They kept going.
There are girls and then there are super-hot, beautiful, big-boobed girls who make a guy freeze at the sight of them. Milly is at the top of that second group. There may be some scenic sights behind Milly in this scene, but who cares? The view is all about young Milly and her twin peaks. "I love when a guy just watches me play with myself," she said. "I love to tease, but then you knew that. I feel sexy when I make strong eye contact with someone I'm attracted to. I'm told I have bedroom eyes all the time. I can usually tell just by eye contact if someone is interested or not. If a guy wants to meet me, he should be willing to do whatever it takes to sweep me off my feet." So, if Milly, who's very sexual, spots someone who catches her attention, what does she do? "I'll most likely try to make eye contact and then go from there if I get a good vibe. I have no problem with making the first move." We talked to Milly about a subject close to her heart. Bras. SCORELAND: Milly, what are some of your favorite bra brands? Milly: My favorite bras are the ones that fit me comfortably, which are hard to find! I don't have much loyalty to one exact brand just yet. I'm working on finding one. SCORELAND: Do you like wired, sports, pushup, T-shirts? Milly: I love a nice T-shirt bra because they're so cozy and work as a nice supportive hammock for my big boobs. SCORELAND: Do you buy them in stores or online? Milly: I don't like buying bras online because I know it probably won't fit me right. Instead, I shop at Nordstrom, which is the only department store that carries sizes big enough for me. My boobs recently got bigger, and so I went over there in search of some J-cups, and I did have some luck! SCORELAND: Do you sleep with a bra on? Milly: Mostly yes. Sometimes I go without.
Pairing Milly with JMac was the porn equivalent of a fantasy tennis match between Roger Federer and Simona Halep. It doesn't get more exciting. It was the perfect sex matchup. A computer couldn't have set up this blind date better. Many guys had waited for this Milly and JMac matchup. It was sparked when they saw JMac drop by during an interview Milly was having with SCORE editor Dave. Milly said she likes to be fucked hard, so here was the right guy. "My favorite position is doggy because that's usually when I find it to be the roughest," Milly said. For the first time ever, Milly tried the piledriver, JMac's signature move, as well as getting picked-up and fucked in the air.