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"I get extra horny when a guy watches me play with myself," Milly Marks said. A lot of guys are watching sweet, young Milly play with her ginormous boobs and bushy pussy in this scene. She knows what we're doing at home as we watch her. We watch her masturbate while watching herself get fucked. Milly's propped up her phone in bed and watches herself do the nasty with JMac in one of her XL Girls videos. That turns her on. She takes off her jeans and top and gets busy feeling her lovely body, sticking three fingers in her pussy and playing with her great big tits. As Milly has told us, "I'm a sexual person at all times. It's not a light switch I can turn on and off. If it is a switch, it's probably stuck on 'ON.'" What a girl!
Milly was 20 years old when she took her clothes off for SCORELAND for the first time on December 6, 2016. Later that day, she had sex on-camera for the first time, sucking and fucking Robbie Echo's big dick. That's the scene you're about to watch. You know, back in the 1990s, we'd often wait months, years, sometimes forever for a girl to break her hardcore cherry. Even now, we often have to wait a long time. For Milly, we waited about two hours. SCORELAND: Tell us about your first hardcore scene. What was it like for you? Milly: It was an incredible experience to say the least. [Robbie] was super sweet and incredibly good looking. I was very much into it! SCORELAND: Was this scene what you thought it would be? Milly: Honestly, I didn't think it would be as fun and enjoyable as it ended up being, but I loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat. The sex was amazing and the fact that it was being recorded made it that much more erotic for me. SCORELAND: Did you have a conversation with the guy and the cameraman about the scene before the shoot? Milly: As soon as I met my co-star, I knew I liked him because he was cute and charismatic. He also wanted to make sure I was comfortable and asked me ahead of time if I had any boundaries, which I thought was very cool, with it being my first time and all. We also spoke with the cameraman before we did any shooting and just kind of went over what we were doing, and they both did a great job of helping me get over my first-time nerves. SCORELAND: Had you ever fantasized about doing porn like this? Milly: I did fantasize about doing porn but never did I think it was an actual possibility. I would consider myself a hyper-sexual person, so I love it and am so glad I've had the opportunity. SCORELAND: Had you ever met a pro porn performer in person before this scene? Milly: Never! But he was down to earth and just a normal person, which was really nice and relieving. SCORELAND: Are you going to masturbate or have sex with a guy or girl whenever you watch your first hardcore? Milly: I'm not sure which one of those I'll do but definitely one of them. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be fucking a girl the first time I see it. That's just because I don't have sex with girls as much as I'd like to, but it's one of my favorite pastimes.
What is a Bikini Houdini? Someone who can make a bikini disappear. Someone like Milly. Milly is the bikini girl today. She dips a toe in the swimming pool. "The water's so cold, we should just hang out outside the pool and have fun," Milly says. Sounds like a plan! Milly lifts her bikini top to show the boobs that make guys stupid. Losing IQ points has never been this much fun. But the wind blowing through this hillside property is too chilly, so Milly moves inside so she can really warm up the right way. Milly bounces, dangles, hangs and shoves those big, beautiful tits in your face. Her hands move south to her shaved pussy so her fingers can make some magic. She pops her fingers in her mouth to taste herself then continues to rub her pink taco slowly. Her toes curl as she cums. "It's time to go back to the pool," Milly says with that cute smile she likes to flash.
The opening moments of Milly wearing an extremely tight sweater and running down the stairs should be endlessly looped for five minutes. It's incredible. She's incredible. Milly races down the stairs when Dray tells her to come down, in his hands a bunch of tops he wants her to test with her huge naturals. And what a bounce test Milly puts them through! This is an untapped job opportunity for busty girls and clothing designers: sweater testing. Milly wants to reward Dray, who knows that one of the ways to a busty girl's heart is with tight tops. She fucks him right there on the staircase, not wasting any time by going into a bedroom. Now Milly's big tits can bounce wildly without anything restraining them as she rides Dray's cock to a happy ending. The last shot of Milly staring into the camera and holding her cum-glazed breasts is a work of art.