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North, south, east, west. Milly makes every day a breast-fest. She makes every room she steps into a steam bath. Milly's just got that ol' rack magic. Milly talked about having sex in public. "It was at a very popular restaurant where everyone is always lined up out the door in broad daylight," she said. "A lot of people walked by and saw me. I wanted a burrito. And I got one. It was just a different kind. He got the taco! "We were in the front seat about to get out, and I said, 'I'm just horny. I don't care about eating anymore.' And I went down on him, then I laid back the seats as far as they go in my car and just rode him. He was leaning back and I was just riding him, so anyone who walked by saw my tits bouncing. I'm sure people saw us, but I was too preoccupied with the dick I was riding. "I think the chance of being seen and getting caught is the exciting part of it, like people might see you and say, 'Holy, shit, look at her tits! I can't believe this is happening in this parking lot in daylight!' I think he came all over my tits. It was a mess!"
While she's showing Alex a house, Milly's huge, natural tits slowly fall out of her tight, red dress until they completely plop out. Alex makes his move. The heat is on. Milly can't get enough of his hard cock and Alex can't get enough of Milly and her sweet body. They're high from their hot sexing and forget about everything else. Milly's pussy is sopping-wet as they fuck. She happily milks his dick until it explodes all over her heavenly hooters. Although Milly has said she doesn't watch her own videos, she did say, "I love watching people have sex. I want to watch everyone that I care about have sex in front of me. I love to watch a guy jerk off next to me, and I'll play with myself." Vmag editor Dave interviewed Milly in Miami, Florida the day he first met Milly and wrote, "Milly is sensational. She has a good sense of humor. She's young and beautiful. Her tits have the firmness that only big, young tits can. She's five-feet tall, so her huge hooters are a big part of her presence."
Dressed in bridal lingerie, Milly is a fantasy bride come true. No doubt Milly gets lots of marriage proposals. SCORELAND: We'll take a leap here and say you like breast massages. Milly: Yes, I do. I love any kind of massage, though. I try to get a full-body massage as much as I possibly can. I got one the other day and almost thought about asking the woman for a "happy ending." I'm not sure if that's a thing that women can get in spas or if it's ever been offered...but it should be. SCORELAND: What gets your nipples super-stiff? Milly: My nipples are stiff almost always because I'm always horny! SCORELAND: Do you ever use vibrators or other toys on your nipples? Milly: Yes, I think vibrators on nipples is a great thing and should be used more often. Take my word!
"I like when people cum in my ass," Milly said in one of her first interviews. "I love butt stuff. Some guys have cum in my ass. It doesn't happen a lot, but when it does, I like it." With her 36H-cup boobs looking ready to fall out of her top at any second, Milly chats with her photographer. The topic is anal sex because Milly is going to get a booty dicking for the first time on-camera. She's had anal sex with boyfriends but never with a porn stud for all the world to see. Milly talks about what kind of lube she likes to use for anal (coconut oil) and how she prepares for it. She also says she can have an orgasm from anal sex, but she likes to have her pussy fucked first. Milly and the photographer go into one of the bedrooms so she can show him how she loosens up for anal. She gets naked, and after putting some coconut oil on her butthole, she fingers herself. Porn cocks are still a new experience for Miss Marks, so she likes to prepare herself. This moment is smokin' hot in itself. Now ready, Milly goes to the other bedroom, where Donnie Rock is waiting. She sticks her huge, firm hooters in his face, lubes his cock with her mouth and mounts him the cowgirl way because, as Milly said, she likes her pussy fucked first. And then the main event arrives. Milly is eager and ready, as she is in all of her scenes. The way this video is shot, with Milly first talking about anal and then getting ready, makes it very intimate and personal.