Milly's First Anal Scene

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Milly's First Anal Scene

"I like when people cum in my ass," Milly said in one of her first interviews. "I love butt stuff. Some guys have cum in my ass. It doesn't happen a lot, but when it does, I like it."

With her 36H-cup boobs looking ready to fall out of her top at any second, Milly chats with her photographer. The topic is anal sex because Milly is going to get a booty dicking for the first time on-camera. She's had anal sex with boyfriends but never with a porn stud for all the world to see.

Milly talks about what kind of lube she likes to use for anal (coconut oil) and how she prepares for it. She also says she can have an orgasm from anal sex, but she likes to have her pussy fucked first.

Milly and the photographer go into one of the bedrooms so she can show him how she loosens up for anal. She gets naked, and after putting some coconut oil on her butthole, she fingers herself. Porn cocks are still a new experience for Miss Marks, so she likes to prepare herself. This moment is smokin' hot in… Read More »
Featuring: Milly Marks
Duration: 25:27

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1 year ago 

Oh finally and congratulations to Milly Marks for her first anal sex scene, with the stud shooting his load all over adorable ass, I hope it was an enjoyable experience and if I may say with regular practise including sex toys and boyfriends cocks she will become proficient and may acquire a taste for ass fucking on camera, as this sex act is the most taboo and ultimate for a porn star and I would love to see Milly transform into an anal sex fiend and join the score elite hot butt fucking club. Thankyou so much Milly and Big boobs bundle for an incredible hot photo shoot.

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