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The Horny Coed

In this scene, Milly is a schoolgirl wearing the kind of outfit girls only wear in Porn High School. She goes to her teacher for help, tits pouring out of her halter top, bottom-cleavage extraordinaire.

"I'm having some trouble," she says to him. "Can you help me?"

He says he's not giving extra help right now because he's on his lunch break. He takes out a banana. Then he feeds it to her. Looks like he is ready to give her extra help after all. He's ready to help Milly out of her uniform and help himself to her big, natural tits. This is the kind of thing that I knew was going on in my high school but couldn't prove.

SCORELAND: What do you think about porn cock?

Milly: It's scary, but it's hot so it's cool and it feels good.

SCORELAND: Do you watch your scenes?

Milly: I've gone on SCORELAND and watched other people's scenes, but I don't think I want to watch mine. I think it's very different. It's like when you hear yourself on a voicemail...when you hear a recording, you don't… Read More »
Featuring: Milly Marks
Duration: 18:46

Member Comments

1 year ago 

Preciosa, lo demas sobra o no le haria justicia, gracias.

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