Milly Marks Videos

Longtime SCORELAND member C.V.N. commented on the SCORELAND Blog, "Milly is truly a vision with a milky complexion and a bountiful figure that seem a perfect match for the holidays. I hope that she'll be making frequent appearances here at SCORELAND!" This was the HH-cup beauty's second video, and in it she peels off a sheer body suit that clings to her traffic-stopping figure like a second skin. Lots of breast play is the name of the game in this scene. Milly can suck her nipples, something most girls can't do. "I feel that having big boobs, I've never been able to be picky about bras," Milly said. "I just kinda buy whatever comes close to fitting me the best. However, I'm usually pretty happy when I find something lacy and black because that's what makes me feel sexy." Anything Milly wears that makes her feel sexy works for us. Whatever she puts on-a dress, a bikini, a sweater, or just the wind-Milly is one hottie boombalottie.
Milly is a walking wet dream in her lace lingerie. She looks into the lens with hungry eyes and teasingly licks and sucks her fingers like it's your cock. Just the few seconds of that tantalizing titillation is something to deposit in the spank bank for future withdrawals. Standing before a full-length mirror in the bedroom, Milly checks out her bodacious self and begins to play with her huge boobs and pert nipples. She gets into bed, still in her lingerie with both amazing tits out and lifts each one up to her mouth so she can suck her nipples. Milly's breasts have gotten so big that lifting each one requires two hands. Milly makes saliva strings from her mouth to her nipples and rubs some of it on her areola. She turns her back to the camera and slips off her lingerie. Now she's naked except for her shoes. Milly shakes and twerks her ass, bouncing on the springy mattress and making fucking motions, like she's riding an imaginary cock and then getting fucked from behind, slapping her own thick, firm ass. Her gorgeous body trembles. Her legs shake. And that's only half of the scene.
Milly is wearing a pink monokini top that can't possibly cover all that boobage. She wears black shorts and sky-high shoes.She licks her fingers. Every bit of her is delicious. The girl knows how to effortlessly raise wood, and the male population of the world is fortunate she has chosen to show off her fantastic fantasy figure. Milly gets on her knees with her back to the camera and twerks her juicy butt. She turns around and sits facing the camera, her top pulled up. Milly begins bouncing her bare boobs, which slap against her chest on the downswing. Using her hands, she keeps her tits flying. The video editor has not added music to this scene, so we can hear flesh slapping against flesh and her urging us in her sweet, sexy voice to stroke and spurt a nut. Milly pulls her stringy top under her boobs and uses that as a kind of hooter sling to keep her tits in motion. The video switches to slow motion to capture her spectacular bouncing. Milly then pulls off her shorts and monokini and twerks for us, giving us great views of her pussy and butthole. And we're not even halfway through the video. Milly is an extremely photogenic girl who has one of the strongest sex drives in TSG history, whether alone, with another girl or with guys.
As our photographer says at the beginning of this video, "Here's someone who needs no introduction." Beautiful as ever, Milly wears a red tank top and leans forward while she chats with him for a few minutes. Milly says her breasts are now 36M-cups. If the sight of her unleashing those torpedoes doesn't make your eyes pop, nothing will. Milly goes to a specialty store to buy new bras. The store staff doesn't use a tape measure. "They just eyeball me. They kind of just look at the bra I'm wearing and we try on tons of bras until they find the ones that fit," Milly said. Sounds like those folks should be working here, or at least finding models for us. Her workouts at the gym are better when she's wearing the right bras to keep all of her goodies from getting out of control. Even so, Milly gets lots of attention. The photographer mentions a comment Minka once made: "The bigger the boobs, the more you get horny. " "I think there might be some truth to that," Milly responds. She knows who Minka is and knows the power big boobs have over men. And with that said, Milly walks over to a wall mirror....