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Walking around an apartment complex, Nicky Rebel spots a beautiful brunette with incredibly huge breasts. She's putting away a beach chair. His brain malfunctions at the sight of her. This is common when guys see Milly. They often can't even complete a sentence, and it happens to Nicky when he decides to chat Milly up. He thinks he's seen her before but is having difficulty speaking. Milly introduces herself and, liking his looks, invites him to her place for a drink. They go straight to the bedroom. The size of Milly's tits and her sexy face paralyzes more of his brain cells. He sucks her nipples, palms her boobs and then undresses her. She undresses him, has him lie back and squishes his boner between her breasts, the dream of many men. Milly kneels on the bed and cups her massive breasts for his cock then gets on her back for a traditional tit-fucking, her head over the edge of the bed. It's time to fuck. Milly lowers her pussy over him and rides him, her amazing boobs jiggling and shaking. She turns around and goes for a cowgirl ride, twerking her ass and pumping his dick while he stuffs his face with her heavy hangers. After getting fucked on her back and from behind, Milly gets her pussy licked. She gives Nicky one more tit-fucking lick-down. Finally, Milly cups her twin treasures once more, looks at him with hungry eyes and urges him to jerk off all over her.
As our photographer says at the beginning of this video, "Here's someone who needs no introduction." Beautiful as ever, Milly wears a red tank top and leans forward while she chats with him for a few minutes. Milly says her breasts are now 36M-cups. If the sight of her unleashing those torpedoes doesn't make your eyes pop, nothing will. Milly goes to a specialty store to buy new bras. The store staff doesn't use a tape measure. "They just eyeball me. They kind of just look at the bra I'm wearing and we try on tons of bras until they find the ones that fit," Milly said. Sounds like those folks should be working here, or at least finding models for us. Her workouts at the gym are better when she's wearing the right bras to keep all of her goodies from getting out of control. Even so, Milly gets lots of attention. The photographer mentions a comment Minka once made: "The bigger the boobs, the more you get horny. " "I think there might be some truth to that," Milly responds. She knows who Minka is and knows the power big boobs have over men. And with that said, Milly walks over to a wall mirror....
Milly Marks meets kinky dude Sean in a fetish session that leads to hot fucking. "Just don't leave any marks on the fine flesh of lovely Miss Marks," was the number-one rule. That sexy body should be handled with care. Sean orders Milly to crawl over to where he's sitting. She's wearing a black fishnet body stocking and heels. He makes Milly play with her huge, beautiful boobs, then he manhandles her rack. Kneeling while Sean stands, Milly sucks his cock hands-free and cups her tits so he can fuck her cleavage. Rock-hard from her sweet mouth and soft, luscious breasts, Sean bores into Milly's pussy and domination-fucks her hard any which way he wants, spanking her ass and squeezing her tits. Milly's boobs wobble and tremble when he's on top pounding the brunette stunner. It's 50 shades of Milly Marks, every shade a pleasure to enjoy.
It's a sunny day in Miami. We brought the pool, Milly brought her beautiful self. "I've been living up north, so this is a real treat for me," Milly says. "I think I'm gonna try on a bunch of bikinis for you guys. I'm not really sure they're all going to fit but we're going to try to make it work." Milly begins in a blue bikini. Store that sight in your spank-bank account. And there's gonna be more to save. She takes her tits out of her top to shake and spank them and then turns around to show her bottom, wiggling and swiveling. Looks like a nice fit. Milly's next choice is an orange swimsuit. Another keeper. "Do you think it fits?" Milly asks with a teasing glint in her eyes. "Do you like this color on my skin? What if I wore this out in public? Do you think anyone would stare at me and get a boner and jizz their little bathing suits?" Milly certainly knows her superpowers. She's been inspiring erections since she came to The SCORE Group. Milly turns around, bends over and twerks. She likes the fit of this suit. It's sexier than the blue bikini. "I feel like it's super spring-breaky." Any sudden movement and her huge boobs would fall out of her top. That would be a crowd-pleaser at any beach. Milly has more bikinis to try on and drive you crazy with before she drives you even crazier by oiling down her sweet bod and spanking her bushy pussy.